To be part of the solution, you must first recognize the problem



Dear participants in SOCC

The International Congress on Climate Change Huelva 2017

Welcome to this congress, sponsored by AIQBE, the Huelva Association of Chemical, Basic and Energy Industries: An industrial conglomerate responsible for climate change and the diseases linked to the city of Huelva’s environmental decay.

This is a congress organized by politicians who connive with a polluting petrochemical industrial model based on fossil fuels, composed by gas power plants, refineries and regasification plants. It’s a model imposed on us by Franco’s dictatorship from the mid-20th century that is still in force today, in democratic times continues the dictatorship of capital, independently of the opposing opinion of the citizens.

The politicians organizing this congress, sponsored by these industries, are responsible for one the world’s largest ecocides: The spillage of dangerous toxic and radioactive waste on the Tinto River marshes, known as the phosphogypsum tailing dams. These are a direct consequence of the manufacture, for 50 years, of chemical fertilizers, generating 120 million tons of waste that have destroyed 1,200 hectares (almost 3,000 acres) of marshlands that these same politicians must have protected.

A few days ago, Huelva suffered one of the worst floods in its recent history. The Huelva estuary didn’t have enough natural space to dissipate the effect of the floods, the rain and overflowing waters.

The Tinto and Odiel rivers, as well as their marshes, need the natural space that was stolen from them by the phosphogypsum tailing dams, short-sighted seaside promenades, dredging waste dams (placed in the middle of a biosphere reserve), and the city docks. This lethal mix and the consequences of climate change affect Huelva and are directly caused by those who organize and sponsor this event.

These are the same politicians who have just announced that they’ll strengthen the current industry in Huelva, and have presented a Strategic Blueprint for the city that confirms it. Now, the Spanish and Andalusian governments have authorized the expansion of the city’s petrochemical area up to the Doñana National Park itself, turning the subsoil of this World Heritage into a gas storage facility to speculate with the commodity’s price.
Huelva needs to change its industrial model, from the Wild West environment to a renewable-based model, decentralized and focused on distributed generation.

Our fight on the street, that we have been doing for years, is against those directly responsible for climate change. We have been fighting them for years and we know who they are. They’re inside.